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In Memoriam

Holocaust , The Plan, The Cover-up, Hope

Acrylic on wood panels

Three panels, 24 x 30 inches


Holocaust 1, 2 and 3, are based on manipulations of images taken at the site of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial.  "The Plan" introduces the viewer to the events surrounding the revelation of the magnitude and scope of the Holocaust through contemporary news clips and victim lists.  The background of coffin-like shapes that constitute the Berlin memorial are intentionally depicted in white, black and grays.

This second painting in the series has no words, yet it reminds the viewer of the methods used to cover up the assassination of millions of human beings.    The introduction of red to the palette suggests images of fire.  But could this also be the color of love lost?

In this last piece, the phrase "never again" emerges in English, French and Yiddish.  Hues of green introduce a hope that the tragedy will never be repeated.



America Remembers/The Lives

Acrylic on wood panels

Two Panels, one 30 x 24 and other 36 x 12 inches

I passed by the side of the Pentagon approximately three minutes before Flight 77 hit the building on 9/11/2001.  As when, at age eight, I watched from the balcony of our home at planes dropping bombs on the Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires; these events, and my proximity to them, left me equally devastated.

At night, the benches at the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial, are lit from underneath with colored lights. The paintings remind the viewer not to ever forget; the black night background of the painting, becomes slightly lighter at the top, fading to show out colors and the dawn of a brighter future is still ahead of us.

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