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Current Show Insights

I was born in Argentina, a country with vast and stunning landscapes. The natural beauty and ever-changing scenes, both in urban and rural areas, inspired me to create this series of paintings.

The artworks in this collection aren't intended to be precise replicas of what I've seen. Rather than copying exact details, I aimed to capture the impressions left on me by the colors, rocky formations, mountains, and more.

All the pieces are crafted using acrylic, ink, and various other mediums. Some were digitally designed, incorporating one or more images of the same subject to offer a fresh perspective on distance. I used previous pieces (Colors and mirages of the Sierra) or new subjects' photographs (Lamppost of La Boca). These digital creations give the illusion of transparent layers, transforming solid subjects into translucent forms with varying perspectives.

I encourage viewers to explore the compositions by identifying shapes and elements resulting from the superimposition of images from earlier paintings in the series. While some shapes remain consistent and easily recognizable, others may take on new forms.

In my art, I prioritize colors, textures, shapes, and reflections over achieving a hyper-realistic portrayal of the subject. I invite you to appreciate the interplay of these elements and discover the unique beauty within each piece.

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